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What's New..?

TLC has sent a crew around the country training teachers, as part of the SEM Project. The crew has a been training teachers in many schools on the use of linux. So far the response has been excellent! We hope to go for another round of tours soon. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us.

Welcome, to the The Linux Center (TLC)'s website. TLC aims at promoting Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and providing help to people who have trouble getting started with FOSS. To get your hands on copies of GNU/Linux on CDs or DVDs see our products page. TLC also conducts classes based on GNU/Linux and FOSS.

* Top 5 Accessories

  • Debian T-Shirts
  • GPL Code T-Shirts
  • GNU T-Shirts
  • Tux Soft Toy
  • Linux Folder

* Bulk Discounts

We provide discounts for as little as a quantity of 10 items. We also give discounts for students. Please remember that this discount is not automatic, you must contact us.

* New Services

We are working on offering CDs by mail; using an online ordering/order by phone process. It will not need the use of a credit card (though the option to use one will be provided).